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Exploring & Practicing The Womanly Arts
based on the works of Regena Thomashauer
26th-Sep-2006 07:29 am
Good morning ladies!

Anyone got anything great to brag about? My latest brag? I recently gave my boyfriend an ultimatum: we move out of town together or I go it alone. He decided to come with me! Now I just have to make sure he keeps looking for jobs. If not, however, I'm ready to go alone.

I know a big part of Mama's plan is that we find happiness and pleasure no matter where we are, but ultimately, I know I'm in the wrong place for me. I just have to find some fun here while I'm waiting for the next fun place.
27th-Sep-2006 06:03 am (UTC)
i have a brag... i broke up with my boyfriend to pursue my own happiness and have found a man who thinks i am incredible that lives in louisiana which is where I am moving home to in may.
It's the same guy i've always thought was perfect for me...
So I am going to stay single and have a heck of a fun time here... then pursue him after I've sown some wild oats
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