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Exploring & Practicing The Womanly Arts

based on the works of Regena Thomashauer

The Womanly Arts
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This community is getting underway! Come on in and join us as we build a great gathering place.

The Womanly Arts site was born on September 14th, 2005 after I discovered the book Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. I brought it home in a stack of more practical tomes, all of which languished, sadly neglected, because I couldn't get enough of Mama Gena's wisdom. I've read this "textbook" cover to cover and am working on the assignments. I came to LiveJournal to find a like-minded community but--though I found a dozen individual woman listing "mama gena", "school of womanly arts" and "sister goddesses" as interests--no community popped up.

So we are making one.

It goes something like this:

womanly_arts is a gathering place for smart, enthusiastic, interesting, sensuous women who want to:

  • record thoughts and ideas about completing Mama Gena's homework assignments
  • brag (ala lesson 2, exercise 2)
  • chronicle experiences that occur while seeking and inspiring pleasure
  • suggest group experiments and friendly competitions
  • recommend books, movies, activities, trinkets, toys and techniques that bring joy
  • support others, and find support from others, in our common quest for increased fun
  • stroke others, and get stroked by others ... because some of our real-world associates won't

Rules of Conduct:

  • use the spellchecker
  • use reasonable English in your posts
  • use an lj-cut for explicit descriptions (text = 18+ only please)
  • credit the author with a link if you post lengthy excerpts from any book or website
  • posted images will be represented by a placeholder (by default)

  • no angst (we all feel it, but individual journals are the best place for that)
  • no better-than-you attitudes
  • no advocating illegal activities or drugs
  • no evangelism or preaching

Judging, flaming, abusing, stalking and/or trolling will get you banned from this community
and, depending on the offense, reported to the staff of LiveJournal.

Do not directly comment about any entry that is posted to womanly_arts in the poster's personal journal.

--Make sure you know that such comments would be acceptable to the journal owner, first! Networking among sister goddesses is good and I hope to see friendships develop as a result of this community. I suspect, however, that some community members will want to keep details of their sensual journeys separate from their real-world journals.

From Wren:
Though I am a moderator of womanly_arts, I don't have any real experience with creating or running a livejournal community. Let me request your patience and tolerance as I try to get this site off the ground. I am absolutely open to co-moderators and to all manner of thoughts and suggestions.

[UPDATE: alternakittyn has signed on as an additional moderator!]

I will upgrade this community to paid status when we have 12 regularly contributing members. This community will be limited to 50 members – so that we can actually keep track of one another.

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