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Exploring & Practicing The Womanly Arts
based on the works of Regena Thomashauer
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24th-Apr-2006 08:30 am - wake up!
I haven't seen much in the way of posting here, so I thought I'd post a little nudge post. Anyone have anything they want to brag about?

My brag? I finally finished moving all my stuff into my new country home. It's just a rental, but it's like my house with training wheels. If I can swing this, it's time for the real thing. I've been itching for a country home for years, so it's really one of my desires brought to life. There's still so much work that needs to be done but all in good time.

Share ladies! What did you do that was great?
19th-Feb-2006 12:37 pm - don't panic!
I'm ditching this journal and moving everything over to modernbombshell (my other journal) so that's why it seems like we have a new maintainer. Same mod, new name!
7th-Feb-2006 04:21 pm - as promised...
pink lady
In my 1/16 post, I promised to poke people about their "ideal future", but I got busy and sick and such. Now I'm well and have a smidge of time. So I pose the following question: In the future, how do you see your sister goddess self?
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So ladies? You're next! Next is what steps you'll take to get there... but that's for another time for me. Back to work!
1st-Feb-2006 11:22 am(no subject)
Good morning ladies! I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I have two days off .. it's raining and I have little money to spend. What the hell can I do to keep myself entertained and make myself feel good?
27th-Jan-2006 02:33 pm - Brag: Shopping & Politics!
Okay, I'm really not a big shopper ... I've only recently figured out that I've been doing it all wrong for years. In the past I've worn my clothes to threadbare before gathering my credit cards and my courage and venturing out to replace 10-20 items at a time.

A couple of months ago, I had an hour to kill in a Target store. I realized that they have clearance racks set up at the back of the clothing section. I browsed them and tucked my usual 15 or more items in my cart. Upon trying everything on, I found ONE fabulous jacket that looked great on me. That's all I bought. Since then, I frequently take a few minutes to check out the racks in whatever store I end up in and try on a few things ... even if I don't need clothes and/or don't have a bunch of money to spare. Often, I don't buy anything at all.

Today, feeling a little apprehensive about going out for a girls' night, I went shopping for something new to wear. I stuck with the clearance racks and found 3 options:
1) a retro-ish, menswear inspired sweater
2) a flowing chocolate tunic with black embroidery
3) a vintage-looking, fitted tee with a funky 'lost in music' design



I'm not sure which I'm wearing tonight but I'm leaning toward the sweater because I also bought an interesting, many-stranded, "pearl" necklace that ties instead of fastening with a clasp. It's cool, it's odd and it looks great sorta tucked into the open V of the sweater. (It was not on clearance, sadly.)


I rate a second brag because I called my senator's office to express my opinion today. This is getting to be a habit. When started to care about politics but felt overwhelmed by trying to sort through news sources, I found a political action group called moveon.org. I don't always agree with their opinions but more often than not, I do. They have made it easy for me to get involved in the issues I most care about. Despite feeling a little on the blah side yesterday and this morning, I clicked a link that arrived from them in my email. After a few quick verifications, I picked up the phone and made the call. Now I feel great. To think, I almost deleted it out of sheer laziness.

I rock :D

Here's hoping that you all have fabulous plans for the weekend.
26th-Jan-2006 12:37 am - That for which I am grateful:
It's interesting that you suggested this exercise. (I'm still trying to make time for the ideal life thing. Hey, you said you were doing that too ... are you done yet?) Anyway, I happened to write some serious gratitudes just a couple of days ago. I'll tuck them behind a cut because the section is long ... and because some of it won't make a lot of sense without the context of my regular journal.

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I might try to write a snappier list of some of the good things in my life too.
24th-Jan-2006 08:34 am - Ready for an exercise??
It's been sort of quiet, so I thought I'd introduce an exercise to the group!
Lesson One, Exercise 2: Thank-You NotesCollapse )
19th-Jan-2006 10:14 pm - Fun sites:
Hours of reading fun!


And for us fans of retro:

Retro Radar
Retro Raunch
(This is a pay site for 18+ but it's woman owned & operated and features a cool tour.)
16th-Jan-2006 06:05 pm - My ideal future
I desire a future that is filled with joy, self-love and excitment. I've never been a big fan of myself. I always tell myself mean things. So in my future I want to not give a flying flip over looks or how others may see me. When I can overcome that I want to become a Jill-of-all-trades and live a long, happy life with my man. I also hope to travel the world and help whom ever I can. I'd love to win the lottery and spend the rest of my life doing good deeds for others.
16th-Jan-2006 05:16 pm(no subject)
I'm your bad co-mod.

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Next step is talking about your ideal future. I'm working on mine currently and will post it as soon as it's done. Lesson 1-1 people!
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