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Exploring & Practicing The Womanly Arts
based on the works of Regena Thomashauer
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20th-Jun-2006 04:08 pm
Let me introduce emopoeticprose ... she posted her information as a comment to the "Introduce Yourself" post which can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/womanly_arts/1539.html.

She brings chefery to our table.

She writes:


How did you find womanly_arts? by searching... for the last 3 hours of my night.

What state / country are you writing from? alexandria, virginia

What kind of housing do you live in? 2 bedroom apartment with boyfriend

What is your romantic-relationship situation? 6 months with a boyfriend

Do you have children? How many? How old? 0

Do you have pets? How many? What kind? 2 cats zuri an mieko

Tell us about your job(s)? I am starting a new job monday in a kitchen.. it's what i do i am chef

Anything else you want to share? i am a multitalented beautiful 23 year old... and I am royalty... because I want to be... Like an emporess or a queen. and I like it like that.


What do you do very well? What else? I run a kitchen with ease and fun and I can sing like arethra ..

What do you make very well? What else?I make a mean lasagna.. and I am a vixen in bed..

What is your art? music and food

What is your phobia? apocalypse

What is your no-big-deal weakness? caramel

What is your biggest challenge? feeling beautiful in my body. as it is now..

Anything else you want to share?


What would you like to be when you grow up? a restauranteur

Would you like to change any of "The Basics" you listed? I'd like to be married to said boyfriend at some point.. but there is no rush..

Would you like to change or add to any of "The Other Stuff"? nah

What has been my most persistant life's goal? to lose weight

What is my most outrageous life's goal? to be a star chef and travel the world giving cooking lessons

What goal, big or small, will be most in important in the next month? to get down to student loan payments only.

In the next year? to graduate with my BA in hospitality restaurant management

Anything else you want to share? I love caramel.. to the point of orgasm..

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Are you interested in writing essays or moderating? yes... but not as a permanent gig

Are you interested in working through all or most of the tags? all.. bring it on baby

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20th-Jun-2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
Again, welcome! I love the attitude that runs through your post. A woman who sings and cooks ... I think I'm in love :D

How's the job in the new kitchen?
21st-Jun-2006 02:15 am (UTC)
well... it's amazing... i went for what i wanted.. made a kickin resume... and when i didn't hear from them I called them back and they offered me a positin... it's mediteranean cuisine and small plates... and it's all made in house... and I can eat whatever I want which means staying on a healthy regime will be fun and easy cause i have a bunch of ingredients to play with .. plus the entire kitchen staff is really nice.. and it's close to home.. and they are paying me what i asked for..

I am rediculously happy about this..
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